Subject: Detecting cluster down in consumer

Sachin, assuming you are using something like MM2, I recommend the
following approaches:

1) have an external system monitor the clusters and trigger a failover by
terminating the existing consumer group and launching a replacement. This
can be done manually or can be automated if your infrastructure is
sufficiently advanced. MM2's checkpoints make it possible to do this
without losing progress or skipping records.

2) add failover logic around your KafkaConsumers to detect failure and

3) run consumer groups in both clusters, i.e. "active/active", with each
configured to process records originating in their local cluster only. Set
up health checks and a load balancer s.t. producers send to the healthiest
cluster. In this approach, no intervention is required to failover or
failback. Under normal operation, your secondary consumer group doesn't
process anything, but will step in and process new records whenever the
secondary cluster becomes active.
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