Subject: Reg : kafka state store HA

Hi ,
   Working on kafka-streams to process data & stored into
state-store(stored into local file system & changelog topic as well).Two
streams instances are started for HA & performance improvement ,then
streams are re-balanced the topic partition to process. Here we are facing
issue with state-store data , here two stream instances have their own
individual state-stores and those are not in sync(local file system), but
in sync with changelog topic . So *when querying on state-store data, it's
not giving results*.
I read this article
added  num.standby.replicas  as 1 & 2 , but it's couldn't resolve the issue.
Is there a way to overcome this issue?

Thanks & Regards
Durga Prasad
  Matthias J. Sax 2019-11-18, 07:45