I don't know much about MM yet, but what sort of MM performance are you
looking for?  If MM acts as just another producer for another Kafka cluster
(just a guess!) then you could look at the metrics of the consuming cluster
to see how fast it's ingesting....  but if MM works differently, then
something else is needed.

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> Any suggestions on how to measure throughput of the Mirror Maker Naidu
> Saladi
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>  Subject: How to measure performance of Mirror Maker
> We have three Kafka clusters deployed in 3 DC's, each one having their own
> topics. We are using Mirror Maker to keep all the three clusters up to date
> with continuous  replication using Mirror Maker. We used Perf producer and
> Perf consumer to conduct basic testing, all seems to work great.
> Our 2 DC's are in US, 50 miles a part well connected by MAN fiber, our 3rd
> DC is in Europe, which is connected with dedicated links to 2 DC's in US,
> round trip latency is around 300 ms.
> When we ran performance test, our client node where perf test scripts ran
> are in US DC's, I have observed very low through put (almost 1/100th),  I
> understand some part is due to  NW latency. Same will be applied to Mirror
> Maker as well right?
> Are there any tools to measure Mirror Maker performance in general and
> specifically in remote DC?    Naidu Saladi