Subject: [DISCUSS] KIP-608: Add a new method to AuthorizerServerInfo Interface

Hey Jeff,

Thanks for the updated KIP. The interface looks good to me. I've got couple
of comments:

1. You say: "Other broker or client plugins could potentially implement the
interface and get the
broker's or client's Metrics instance to add additional metrics from
sub-components." Does it
imply that you will update the loading mechanism of all plugins? It won't
work otherwise. We should
do it probably as it is centralized. If not, we should clarify that we use
an interface to keep this option
open but that we will do it in a future KIP.

2. I would add the previous proposal to the rejected alternatives to not
forget about it.

3. I wonder if we should extend the Authorizer interface with the
Monitorable one by default or keep it
as an option for the concrete plugin to use it or not. I don't have a
strong opinion on this one. The
rationale behind this would be to keep it for advanced users. I wonder what
you and others think about this.

4. Metrics are considered as part of the public interface. It would be
great if you could move the description
in that section.


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