Hey Manikumar,

As Kafka begins to scale to larger and larger numbers of topics/partitions,
I'm a little concerned about the scalability of APIs such as this. The API
looks benign, but imagine you have have a few million partitions. We
already expose similar APIs in the producer and consumer, so probably not
much additional harm to expose it in the AdminClient, but it would be nice
to put a little thought into some longer term options. We should be giving
users an efficient way to select a smaller set of the topics they are
interested in. We have always discussed adding some filtering support to
the Metadata API. Perhaps now is a good time to reconsider this? We now
have a convention for wildcard ACLs, so perhaps we can do something
similar. Full regex support might be ideal given the consumer's
subscription API, but that is more challenging. What do you think?


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