Subject: Running a stand alone Mirror Maker 2.0 cluster and Issues

OK, You will have to explain :)

I had 12 VMs with 8 cpus and 8 max tasks.  I thought let me give a CPU to
each task, which I presumed is a java thread ( even though I know the
thread would be mostly ip bound ). . I saw the issue I pointed up.
*I now have 8 VMs 8 cpus with 48 max tasks and it did spread to the the 8
VMs. I then upscaled to 12 VMs and the tasks migrated as I would expect .*

 I know that a VM will have MirrorSourceConnector and
MirrorHeartbeatConnector tasks up till  tasks.max.  So a few questions

* When we say there are 48 max tasks, are we saying there are  48 threads (
in fact 96, each for the 2 groups above,  worst case  + 2 ) ?
* When we talk about Connector, are we talking about a JVM process, as in a
Connector is a JVM process ?
* Why larger number of tasks.max help the spread  ?  As in I would assume
there are up till 8 tasks ( or 16 )  per VM but how that should not have
prevented  re assignment  on a scale up ( as it clearly did ) ?

The reason I ask is that I plan to run mm2 cluster on  k8s and I want to
make sure that I use the version of JVM that is more docker friendly vis a
vis, how many cpus it believes it has  and as explained here
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