I'm veeeeeery late to this thread.  I'm with Gwen about metrics being the
public API (but often not treated as such, sadly).  I don't know the
details of internal issues around how metrics are implemented but, for
selfish reasons, would hate to see MBeans change - we spent weeks
contributing more than a dozen iterations of patches for changing the old
Kafka 0.8.1.x metrics to what they are now in 0.8.2.  I wish somebody had
mentioned these (known?) issues then - since metrics were so drastically
changed then, we could have done it right immediately.  Also, when you
change MBean names and structure you force everyone to rewrite their MBean
parsers (not your problem, but still something to be aware of).

If metrics are going to be changing, would it be possible to enumerate the
changes somewhere?

Finally, I tried finding a JIRA issue for changing metrics, so I can watch
it, but couldn't find it here:

Am I looking in the wrong place?
Is there an issue for the changes discussed in this thread?
Is the decision to do it in 0.8.3 final?

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