Subject: [DISCUSS] KIP-602 - Change default value for client.dns.lookup

  Badai Aqrandista 2020-04-28, 00:46
  Ismael Juma 2020-05-10, 00:18
  Badai Aqrandista 2020-05-10, 22:53
  Badai Aqrandista 2020-05-10, 22:20
  Badai Aqrandista 2020-05-22, 08:53
  Ismael Juma 2020-05-21, 20:00
  Badai Aqrandista 2020-05-18, 00:44
Hi Badai,

Thanks for the KIP, sounds like a useful change. Perhaps we should call the
new option `use_first_dns_ip` (not `_ips` since it refers to one). We
should also mention in the KIP that only one type of address (ipv4 or ipv6,
based on the first one) will be used - that is the current behaviour for
`use_all_dns_ips`.  Since we are changing `default` to be exactly the same
as `use_all_dns_ips`, it will be good to mention that explicitly under
Public Interfaces.


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