We have platinum 30 days Trial License. We installed ELK on Kubernetes (K8S) cluster with 3 master and 3 data nodes. Everything is working fine. But when I try to implement Security(there is no proper documentation I found on Elastic documentation for K8S implementation), I am able to change all 4 service login accounts(elastic, kibana,..) passwords with the scripts elastic gave. Now Security on Elastic is in effect and working. But on Kibana, even after change kibana config map file, kibana.yml and its entries elasticsearch.username: 'kibana' & elasticsearch.password: 'password' been added, I'm getting protected Login screen and its not enabling me to enter kibana logins & login is in protected state. Once I get this login, there will be access for adding users and their roles. Please help this urgent issue if any experts out there.

BTW: We are on ELK 6.3.0 on K8S. When setup non K8S cluster for ELK 6.3.0, all worked fine.