Hi there !
I'm facing a problem while using kudu with impala .I run a SQL script on impala which includes  these operations :
1.Delete from odata_uat.od_policy_fee ;
2.insert into odata_uat.od_policy_fee select * from odata_uat.od_policy_fee_his;
When i'm doing the second step to insert data into the table which is supposed to be empty£¬a warning comes :

WARNINGS: Key already present in Kudu table 'impala::odata_uat.od_policy_fee'. (1 of 538 similar)

which means I lost 1 record from odata_uat.od_policy_fee_his .This happens occasionally  and I dunno what cause .
environment£º CDH 5.12.0    kudu  1.4.0 I have 1 kudu master with 16 cores and 128g RAM each, 4 TServers with 16 cores with 256g RAM each.how can I fix this or avoid it .Thanks !Best regards .

wang jiaxi