Hi shaofeng,
Thank you for your reply.

We use the current version 2.2.0.

Actually I did not know the usage of Advanced Dictionaries before,

after I add global dictionary for the column, it seems to be correct.

So the global dictionary is for the situation like us?

If I do not use  global dictionary, every segment will associate with a dictionary for a count distinct separately?

And I also find out after I add the global dictionary the rate of expansion does not increase

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发送时间: 2018年1月11日 16:58
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主题: Re: Calculate count distinct with 2 segments not correct

Hi yousheng,

Whatever the time range you queried, the result of count distinct
should/need be correct. And the segment merge shouldn't change the query

What's your Kylin version? Did you use the GlobalDictionary for the column
that doing distinct count?

2018-01-11 15:57 GMT+08:00 张 佑铖 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

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Shaofeng Shi 史少锋