I got the below error information when I refresh a segment of one cube by
curl,the information is          "The new refreshing segment
gdt_marketing_api_alter[20180506000001_20180507000000] does not match any
existing segment in cube CUBE[name=gdt_marketing_api_alter]"
but exactly ,the CUBE[name=gdt_marketing_api_alter] have
[20180506000001_20180507000000] segment, and I can refresh  the
[20180506000001_20180507000000] segment by hand on the website.
the problem happens when I try to refresh every segment of every cube by
curl ,please tell me how to solve it ,thank you!

mycode is :
curl -X PUT -H "Authorization: Basic QURNSU46S1lMSU4=" -H "Content-Type:
application/json;charset=UTF-8" \
\" &
Sent from: http://apache-kylin.74782.x6.nabble.com/