Hi Sonny,

Yes, you can. I did with 1.6 and 2.1 Kylin versions. You have to change
on kylin.properties references to hdfs kylin folder, hbase metastore,
hbase tables prefix and zookeeper dir.  E.g:

  * kylin.metadata.url=kylin_metadata_*new2*@hbase
  * kylin.env.hdfs-working-dir=hdfs://user/new2
  * kylin.env.zookeeper-base-path=/kylin_*new2*
  * kylin.storage.hbase.table-name-prefix=KYLIN_*new*

I run just one version at time, just for version testing. However you
also can configure second instance kylin tomcat to run on other port
than 7070, if you would like to run at same time. I do not recommend
this scenario unless you have a lot of ram memory available on the machine.

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