Subject: [DISCUSS] Lucene-Solr split (Solr promoted to TLP)


This. I don't think the two really can be separated. Any separation will
merely be artificial, and/or an excuse for throwing stuff over the wall.
The sooner incompatibilities or difficulties are identified the better.
Definitely not in favor of splitting.

Really, we are effectively "" (or I suppose "") and the lucene name as the TLP is just a
legacy thing. We can have components (as does but Solr can't
live without Lucene, so fostering a sense of separation is going to be bad
for Solr.

If someday we reach a point where some other library could swap into Solr
to replace Lucene, then maybe.

My opinion, YMMV :)
On Wed, May 6, 2020 at 5:40 AM Simon Willnauer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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