On Sunday 19 March 2017, Andi Vajda wrote:
> I just now checked in support for Python 3 (3.5+),

Thanks a lot!

> built and tested
> on Mac OS X 10.12 only, with Python 3.6.

FYI I've tested a HelloWorld.jar using your svn trunk on travis build
farm for OSX 10.11 and xcode 7.3, 8, 8.1, 8.2:

> Linux support should be next.

It would work already on Linux with this patch

plus fixing -ljcc and -lpython soname.

BTW support for python >=3.3 would be nice and very easy. We just need
one define like this in macros.h:

#if PY_VERSION_HEX < 0x03050000
#define Py_DecodeLocale(_arg_, _size_) _Py_char2wchar(_arg_, _size_)

... as you see here a huge Ubuntu 14.04 build matrix

> Someone with access to Windows, please help test/fix/finish support
> for Python 3 on Windows, both with the MSVC and Mingw compilers. I
> have no access to Windows anymore.

I know already about one MSVC issue:

probably fixed by
(But this fix is also not tested yet.)