Subject: Hi I'm Raphael

Hi all

Some people may know me from other Projects like the incubator. I came to Apache with the OpenOffice Community. I can programming, but my real ability is QA. One of my speciality is to track down hard reproducable bugs.

I'm interested in search engines since long time. I experimented years ago with YaCy (wich was based on Lucene and Solr). But this project was not really stable.

I'm here at the moment in my sparetime. I simply need a bit a challenge in the QA. But I don't know, how much time I can invest here.

Wich source tree I should build for testing purpose? I heard rumors, that installing Lucene is a bit rocket science.

Anyway, I will see… I will try it on a Ubuntu Subsystem on Windows 10.

Regards, Raphael

PS. I'm from Switzerland and I'm President of a NGO called Vefko.