Subject: Re: Tracking down inconsistent failure in jenkins

  Erick Erickson 2019-11-11, 14:12
  Chris Hostetter 2019-11-11, 22:38
Hi all

In my welcome thread, Jason pointed me to Hoss's Jenkins failure page. I think this is a good point to start for me. I like to help you tracking down this inconsistent failures. At first, please, if I got something wrong, correct me!

As far as I understand, there are tests in Jenkins who sometimes fail, and sometimes not. It looks like nobody really know why. right?

So I need some information from you. First of all. Do you see the same behavior, if you do the test locally. First I want to exclude that the bug is within the Jenkins system.

Are there bugs who are possibly related to the tests in question?

When this behavior was first detected?

This is it for the start. Thanks for your help and your information

Regards, Raphael

  Erick Erickson 2019-11-08, 22:49
  Raphael Bircher 2019-11-08, 23:56
  Raphael Bircher 2019-11-09, 01:26
  Erick Erickson 2019-11-09, 15:15
  Raphael Bircher 2019-11-11, 00:23