Hi Marco,

Basically, the content of lucene index directory is deleted and after, the index is recreated (under the same directory). Months ago, I've researched how to "refresh" the lucene access to get the newest data withou restarting the wep applications and, in the 6.1.0 version, it is available the class SearchManager, which according to the documentation, should be called its method maybeRefresh() periodically to reopen the index. Our "reopen scheduler" runs hourly and even being executed with success it seems the data wasn't the newest.    

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Hi Eduardo,

It's not clear the index recreation process, but I think you have two
different SearcherManagers, one for the app and a different one for the
command line. At some point, one of them could see the document exclusion,
and the JBoss doen't. Maybe reopen the index directory could help.
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