Subject: Solr Admin UI Refresh 2020

Maybe start collecting Design and Design choices in a SIP? This discussion
has been good and there seems to be consensus that we want a new UI, we
want it to be a package and we want the package to be available by default
and well tested. "Package" seems to imply that it can be added or removed
or replaced or an alternative UI installed along side of it. If we got all
of those things done this would be amazingly awesome :)

Another thing that would be valuable is a good doc that explains  "how to
edit and maintain the UI", written for an audience that is experienced in
SW dev but not UI development (probably including some basics around
framework chosen). This could be in a README or in the "dev docs" that has
been mentioned elsewhere.

The SIP would be a great place to elaborate on technology choices & supply
a link to things like the video :)

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