Subject: Commit / Code Review Policy

I think the distanse is not necessarily as large as it seems. Nobody wants to get rid of lazy consensus, but rather put down in writing when we recommend to wait for explicit review.

There have been examples of some rather sloppy and rapid commits in Solr of non-trivial core code that turned out to cause bugs, corruption and perhaps even security issues.

Sloppy commit culture (in Solr land) was also one thing Mark pointed out as a major threat to Solr’s stability and I share this concern. That is what originally triggered the committees meeting and David’s effort with this document.

I applaude David’s will to try improve the situation and I hope we all can contribute and be part of the solution. We’re a great team!

Robert, I fully support your RCE suggestions, I.e “looks good to me” which means I don’t have the expertise to do any better :)

Jan Høydahl