Subject: Commit / Code Review Policy

Thanks David, and every one else here.

Let's not call this policy, as 1. there are folks other than me who think
that's too strong a word for what we are trying to do here, 2. this has
"rules" that we will have to ignore based on the circumstance. these rules
should instead be recommendations, and the policy be either what Robert or
Tomas suggested i.e. Recommendation/Guidelines.

I feel that the document might be read in a different context by people who
weren't in the meeting. As far as I understand, the intention here is to
have better quality commits, with involvement of more than one person,
especially when the changes are large and affect the core/API.

There are points around adding tests, which also directly are about just
improving code quality, something that has led to the failing tests and
other issues that have been spoken about in the recent past.

+1 on adding something explicitly about "silence is consensus".
There are certain parts of the code that aren't worked by more than a
couple of people and in that case, these points will have to be just
interpreted based on the situation.

Overall, I really think it will not only be awesome  but is critical to
have more people reviewing code and for larger changes to be discussed
instead of being pushed in.
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