Subject: Gradle build

I’m fine with Option 2.

Putting my project manager hat on, I’d really like to see a central list or Jira issues of the things we want to make sure to do before we can turn off Ant. The list/sub-tasks could be compiled after it’s merged to master, but it would be nice if we could approach this in a coordinated way so we’re all able to figure out quickly what remains - I think we’ll have a higher chance of faster success that way. Hopefully also people would sign up for the things that they will volunteer to drive to completion instead of hanging back because they aren’t sure what needs to be done.

Dawid and I worked on the Ref Guide transition to Gradle in a separate branch and it’s either finished or very close to it IMO. It includes the PR I put up last night to remove the PDF build tasks. I just need to merge it into the main Gradle branch (jira/SOLR-13452_gradle_8), which I will try to do by tomorrow.

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