> It really depends on what your goal is: a refreshed UI or getting rid of AngularJS

I think that's an interesting question. Do we _know_ how a refreshed
UI could be better than what we have now?
*) Better mobile UI was one suggestion
*) Reviewing it myself, I feel that there is lack of clarity whether
some information/operation is Global, Collection-level, Core-level, or
node-level. E.g. "Dashboard, java properties and thread dumps" are
actually node level, next to Cloud, Collections and Suggestions that
are global level. Next to logging, which I am guessing is a node
*) Query screen had a number of requests against it, especially in
regards to newer features
*) Pluggable UI (e.g. for DIH) was a request and other plugins
(/browse?) would probably enjoy a hook too (though it did not work out
with admin-extra.html so much)

Because that's the first question a "UI designer from somewhere" will
ask, even if we could have an access to one.

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