Subject: Use of JIRA fixVersion

The main use I've had for this field: as a user, I want to know whether
this bug or feature has been fixed or is available in the version I am
using, and if not, which version I would need to upgrade to in order to get
it. For this use case I think it's important to list versions on each
branch it has been ported to, up to the first major version release that
included it.

That seems to be at odds with the use case of automatically generating the
changes file, where we want to pick a single branch. Both seem important,
and I hope we can find a way, maybe by using some additional field, to
support both. I don't have any productive suggestion how to do that, sorry,
but just wanted to be clear about what we are trying to accomplish. Did I
capture it?

Here's an idea: could we choose the highest branch that is not a .x branch
as the fix branch for the purpose of the changes file?

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