Subject: [VOTE] Solr to become a top-level Apache project (TLP)

Dear Lucene and Solr developers!

According to an earlier [DISCUSS] thread on the dev list [2], I am
calling for a vote on the proposal to make Solr a top-level Apache
project (TLP) and separate Lucene and Solr development into two
independent entities.

To quickly recap the reasons and consequences of such a move: it seems
like the reasons for the initial merge of Lucene and Solr, around 10
years ago, have been achieved. Both projects are in good shape and
exhibit signs of independence already (mailing lists, committers,
patch flow). There are many technical considerations that would make
development much easier if we move Solr out into its own TLP.

We discussed this issue [2] and both PMC members and committers had a
chance to review all the pros and cons and express their views. The
discussion showed that there are clearly different opinions on the
matter - some people are in favor, some are neutral, others are
against or not seeing the point of additional labor. Realistically, I
don't think reaching 100% level consensus is going to be possible --
we are a diverse bunch with different opinions and personalities. I
firmly believe this is the right direction hence the decision to put
it under the voting process. Should something take a wrong turn in the
future (as some folks worry it may), all blame is on me.

Therefore, the proposal is to separate Solr from under Lucene TLP, and
make it a TLP on its own. The initial structure of the new PMC,
committer base, git repositories and other managerial aspects can be
worked out during the process if the decision passes.

Please indicate one of the following (see [1] for guidelines):

[ ] +1 - yes, I vote for the proposal
[ ] -1 - no, I vote against the proposal

Please note that anyone in the Lucene+Solr community is invited to
express their opinion, though only Lucene+Solr committers cast binding
votes (indicate non-binding votes in your reply, please).

The vote will be active for a week to give everyone a chance to read
and cast a vote.