Thanks for bringing this up Cassandra.

I looked at all the ASF Jenkins jobs' configs yesterday, and they all point to the read-only mirror at git:// .  Yesterday I thought that this would continue to mirror the new gitbox repo, but I guess not? no longer lists lucene-solr.git , but the mirror still appears to exist.

Infra's Daniel Gruno commented yesterday on : "git.a.o should never be used or trusted as canonical, please. the mirror is _not_ listed on and is not updated there. Use gitbox or github, either will suffice - gitbox is a bit beefier than git-wip was, so it'll play along."

On Daniel wrote that he removed Hadoop's hidden -- i.e. no longer advertized at -- read-only git.a.o mirror at the project's request.  Should we ask for the same thing?

I'll go fix all the Lucene/Solr jobs' configs on ASF and my Jenkins to point to the gitbox.a.o repo.