Marvin Humphrey wrote on 5/8/18 4:07 PM:
That seems right and appropriate. After all, every project starts with an idea
and an initial implementation, and in Lucy's case, that was with you. If you
didn't have mixed feelings, I would be surprised.
At this moment, while Lucy is stable and the community quiet and we still have
the votes, it seems like a good time for an ending. Like you observed, projects
all have cycles. Lately I've been interested in how projects end well. One thing
I've observed is that they end well when everyone walks away happy and willing
to work together again. I feel that way in this case.

That assumes there are enough people still involved that there can be a mutually
satisfying and agreed-upon "walking away". The last project I was part of
( ended in a gasp, where I was the last committer around, and I
don't want to repeat that.

Since you and Nick are fine either way, I think we should go out while we have
the votes to do so. That seems like the Apache Way, respecting the process and
the community.


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