On 15/03/2018 00:14, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> I want to save the index files in rocksdb. Idea is to use another opensource project - https://github.com/pinterest/rocksplicator (or other WAL reading mechanism) by which I can replicate the index data to slave systems.

I'm not sure whether such an approach makes sense. Lucy is basically a
specialized database itself, so your question is similar to asking how you
could replicate a MySQL database using a key-value store.

> What will be equivalnet of DirectoryFactory.java in Apache lucy.  I see
> I see FSDirHanlde.c and its corresponding files (FSFileHandle.c,FSFolder,FileHandle.c,Folder.c)
> and RamDirHandle.c and its corresponding files.
> Can some one please provides pointers if my approch is correct . Will it cause issues in merging process.

You can implement your own storage backend by subclassing Folder, FileHandle
and DirHandle. Lucy adheres to a write-once philosophy, so theoretically, it
should be possible to use a key-value DB as backend. But it's probably a lot
easier to move the index files to slave machines in more direct way.

Also, what's your motivation for replicating Lucy indices? Availability?
Performance? Maybe there's a simpler overall approach.