Hi again,

I realized that it is not possible to serialize the RAM index directly to bytes. This is why I made some tests to copy all files in the ram folder to FS folder by iterating over the contents for the RAM folder. With this approach I can create an FS folder holding the index elements. On the other hand, at the deserialization part where I need to create RAM folder directly from the FS folder (again iterating over the contents of the FS folder), I see a problem.

It seems like there are virtual files in the RAM folder where the file names are matching with the entries of cfmeta.json file. When I try to open an indexer or a searcher over the RAM folder, I see an error as following: "File not found: 'mainindex/seg_2/sort-14.ord'". So the RAM folder does not exactly work as the FS folder since it requires the existence of the virtual files in the RAM folder.

Why are there these virtual files? (I suspect that for optimization purposes (e.g. in order not to read the cfmeta.json file over again), virtual files hold the cfmeta.json values). So my question is, is it possible to create the virtual files from cfmeta.json value with an API call? Or do you have any other suggestions.


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