On 25/04/2018 16:48, Peter Karman wrote:

Besides, we only have three active PMC members which is the absolute minimum
to vote on new releases. I've also been the only active committer for the last
~2 years.

I don't have the motivation to continue my work on a 0.7 release. Without
active committers, I think it's clear that the PMC should eventually be
dissolved. So it's mainly a question of when. Personally, I wouldn't mind to
wait about 6 months, make a final bugfix release if any issues with the 0.6
branch come up, then move to the Attic at the end of 2018. OTOH, I don't
expect any major issues, so we could move to the Attic right now, especially
if you or Marvin want to step down earlier.