On 26/10/2017 19:57, raja raja wrote:
> Any suggestions on how to run Lucy in client, server mode?

Lucy doesn't really offer a client/server mode. LucyX::Remote is a more or
less experimental feature for clustering and not what you seem to expect. It
requires the full schema and a Lucy library on the client.

I'd suggest to either roll your own search server over HTTP or use a solution
like Dezi which runs on top of Lucy:


> One other related query, how can I perform search (in e.g. search.pl script above) on a specific column in a tabular data rather than the default mode of searching all columns together. So, something like: 'my $hits = $searcher->hits( query => "Shoes:nike" );' ?

Either use a QueryParser with set_heed_colons set to true or create your query
manually using query objects: