While Apache Lucy has been an active project with maintenance releases for
several years, the Project Management Committee (PMC) which governs the project
within the Apache organization has not grown in that time. One of the indicators
of the project's health is whether it attracts new committers and new leaders
over time. Apache Lucy has not.

Per the process described by the ASF[0] this email serves to initiate a thread
on what the community thinks should happen to the Lucy project.

Should we dissolve the PMC and move the project to the Attic? Should we continue
on as we are? Are there members of this list who are interested in taking on
leadership responsibilities as members of the PMC?

My personal view is that the code is still viable and useful and should continue
to be maintained by the volunteer community. That need not be within the ASF. We
could just as easily maintain it as a Github organization as within the ASF.

I look forward to hearing other folks' thoughts and opinions on this topic.


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