Thank you Marvin, yes that's was my plan more or less. I just disagree
with "The result wouldn't really be Lucy,". The idea of emscripten is
to be able to translate lucy automatically or semi-automatically if
possible, and the generated JavaScript code should be equivalent to
originals. Nevertheless, I was trying to get the .h files without luck
always getting the error:

/home/sg/test/prefix/bin/cfc --source=../core --source=../test
--include=/home/sg/test/prefix/share/clownfish/include --dest=autogen
Parcel Clownfish v0.6.0 required by Lucy not found
make: *** [Makefile:522: autogen/hierarchy.json] Aborted (core dumped)
This is what I'm doing:

rm -rf /home/sg/test
mkdir -p /home/sg/test/prefix
cd /home/sg/test

git clone
cd lucy-clownfish/compiler/c
./configure --prefix=/home/sg/test/prefix
make install

cd /home/sg/test
git clone
cd lucy/c
./configure --clownfish-prefix=/home/sg/test/prefix

If you have any idea please help since I'm kind of blocked right now.
Also I tried cloning clownfish v0.6.0 with the following command byt
the same error happens:

git clone


2017-10-29 17:55 GMT-03:00 Marvin Humphrey <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>: