Subject: [mahout-user] Recommendation engine to support a LAMP application

Hello Jose,

I think Mahout has everything you need. All you have to do is to record
user-item interactions after which you can use one of our many recommender
implementations. If you wanna do recommendations based on similar user
tastes you can use a userbased recommender, if you'd like to look at
item-similarities you can use an itembased recommender. It's very likely
that you need to play around a little with both to see which one fits your
needs best.

You can also implement a custom similarity measure that takes content
similarities like matching descriptions into account and rescores the
computed similarities based on that. Last but not least connecting the taste
webservice to PHP shouldn't be a problem either.

I suggest you get a copy of "Mahout in Action" from read the recommender chapter to get a more
detailed impression of what
Mahout currently offers and then talk with your customer to decide whether
it fits your needs.


PS: If you decide to use Mahout, don't forget to put your application on the
Powered By page! :)

2010/12/7 José Moreira <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>