Subject: Maven auto vs incremental build, convention for location of new packages.

Dhruv is using the maven eclipse plugin, which is a very immature
item. I use it. I even created (mostly) working connectors to it for
checkstyle and pmd. However, its notions of when to build and how much
to build are pretty opaque and don't shed that much light on the
fundamentals of either Eclipse or Maven.

Plenty of people still use the maven-eclipse-plugin and leave the
building in the hands of eclipse when using eclipse.

As for package usage, my experience is that the existing of 'default'
access is a powerful reason to keep things in one package. If all the
code for some purpose is in one package, then the only things that
have to be 'public' are truly public.  As soon as you split up into
multiple packages, you end up with 'public' stuff which is public only
to allow inter-package communications. So the minor notational or
grouping value of many packages is, for me, overwhelmed by the
destruction of 'public' as a meaningful indication of an 'open for
business to the outside world' API.

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