Subject: Fwd: [Announce] Call For Papers opens for ApacheCon US 2009

FYI.  Would be nice to up the noise level of Mahout at AC in the  
future.   I think my talk went pretty well (slides at
  although one feedback I got was that it was too high-level (in my  
defense, it's labelled as an Intro talk and most ppl in the room, I  
don't think, know much about machine learning), thus, I think there  
would be some interest in lower level talks.  I could certainly see a  
whole session on collaborative filtering, an intro talk (i.e what is  
machine learning) as well as other technical talks on application  
integration, etc.  Remember, it's a year away, so we will be a lot  
further along by then, too, so get out your crystal ball.


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