Well the greece thing was just an example for a thing you don't know
upfront - it could be any of the modeled feature on the cross recommender
input side (user segment, country, city, previous buys), some subpopulation
getting active, so the current approach, probably with sampling that
favours newer events, will be the best here. Luckily a sampling strategy is
a big topic anyway since we're trying to go for the near real time way -
pat, you talked about it some while ago on this list and i still have to
look at the flink talk from trevor grant but I'm really eager to attack
this after years of batch :)

Thanks for your thoughts, I am happy I can rule something out given the
domain (poisson llr). Luckily the domain I'm working on is event
recommendations, so there is a natural deterministic item expiry (as
compared to christmas like stuff).

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