Subject: [ANNOUNCE] Apache Mahout 0.14.1 RC-1

Below please find the first candidate release for Mahout 14.1

Off the bat I can see some trivial naming issues that we need to work out.  This is in part due to the nested module structure.. We must come to a consensus on the naming there.

Otherwise please download test and verify the artifacts..
  1.  download and run tests on srv.tar.gz distribution
  2.  try running an app with some of he newly refactored code i.e. something that needs both `hdfs` and `core`
  3.  if possible please try to run on a cluster.  If not. a pseudocluster would be great.  We need some coverage on HDFS at least.
  4.  try running something with the `/bin/mahout` command, this may need an overhaul
  5.  verify artifacts

We need 3 (+1) Binding PMC votes.

The vote will expire in 72 hours.. Tuesday Dec 17 at 7:30.

Thank you very much.  This has been a long effort, and I believe that we can get the ball rolling with less mundane work, and regular releases.