Hi Karl,
I changed the number of worker threads to 6 but still the problem persists
when I use ManifoldCF's Tika. When going with "null" as output connection,
there seems no problem. Also tried with Solr without tika transformation
connection. That also works fine.
But as soon as I switch to Manifold's transformation connection Tika, I get
the same error. I have tried increasing heap size as well as decreasing
Also I've not selected "use extract update handler".

Approx size of directory to crawl: 200GB
In the future this size will be :10TB
Size of largest file in this directory :2Gb

NOTE: I am using Tomcat 8.0 to run manifold, connected to Postgresql 9.3
with Solr 6.6.

On 18-Jan-2018 6:21 PM, "Karl Wright" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: