Hi All,
I was able to successfully build ManifoldCF with IntelliJ Idea as well.

I have gone through MongoDB - Java
<https://www.tutorialspoint.com/mongodb/mongodb_java.htm> and identified
the MongoDB parameters as follows
   1. MongoCredential by a useraname and a password
   2. MongoDatabase
   3. collection

I am planning to have a single username and a password for a
Manifold-MongoDB connection

I have identified the operations that we are going to support as

   1. Inserting documents
   2. Querying documents
   3. Updating documents
   4. Deleting documents
   5. Indexing documents based on a particular field

I have also studied the document format we are going to store available here
MongoDB accepts in BSON format,

I have identified the following fields

   1.  binaryFieldData
   2.  binaryLength
   3.  fileName
   4.  contentMimeType
   5.   createdDate
   6.   modifiedDate
   7.   indexingDate
   8.   originalSize

of a Repository Document that I am going to convert to BSON format to write
to MongoDB

Please tell me am I on the correct path, and correct me if I am wrong

On 27 February 2018 at 15:42, Piergiorgio Lucidi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Thanks and Regards,
Irindu Nugawela,
Computer Engineering <http://www.ce.pdn.ac.lk/> Undergraduate,
Faculty of Engineering University of Peradeniya