Go to the alfresco admin console (in case its enterprise) and make sure the
amp module with the webscripts is listed as an installed module.

You probably need to to force a redeploy, as you want tomcat to deploy your
new alfresco.war file, created after your execution of :  j*ava -jar
alfresco-mmt.jar install** ...*  under <tomcatroot>/webapps/alfresco.war -
a backup file should have also been created.

Follow this steps to try that :

- stop tomcat
- clean the temporary files in tomcat by deleting all under
<tomcatRoot>/temp <tomcatRoot>/work/Catalina/locahost
- delete the currently deployed (exploded) alfresco webapp under
<tomcatroot>/webapps/alfresco , this will force tomcat to redeploy your
- start tomcat

Make sure the webscripts module is now deployed.

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