Ok, it's a little hard to follow your log snippets at this point, but let's
review the way this is supposed to work.

(1) The authority tokens get qualified by the name of the authority group.
So, both your tokens and your authority MUST be within the same authority
group for this to work.  That's the most common error users make, since
authority groups were added later (after the book was written).  That
probably accounts for the mismatch between what you are querying for and
how your tokens look.

(2) The Solr plugin simply wraps the incoming query with a boolean query
that matches the authorization fields.  So if those fields are missing from
the Solr schema, or have the wrong default values, it won't work right.
There are SIX fields you need.  The README for the plug describes what they
need to be and what the defaults need to be.  If you set it up with only
four fields, you're using old instructions again.

Hope this helps...

On Sat, Oct 28, 2017 at 9:05 PM, Phillip Rhodes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>