Hello Karl,

I have just started working with ManifoldCF and have some queries regarding
the same. I am using ManifoldCF 2.9 with Tomcat 8.5.

I have connected Postgresql 9.3 and everything seems to be working fine. 35
tables have been created and a role called manifoldcf is created.

1.When I select Solr as output connector, I want to know if ManifoldCF
stores any metadata on my PC (in a temporary location or otherwise). And if
metadata is stored, what is it's location? Since I tried searching for it
in the database as well as flat files, but could not find.

2. My other question is that, when I configure a transformation connection
and use it with Tika Content Extractor, I see one option called "Keep all
metadata" which is selected by default. What does that mean ? Also, in the
Output Connection, under Schema tab, if I don't select the "Use the Extract
Update Handler", does Solr stop using it's internal tika? Or what does it
exactly do.

3. Where can I find the ManifoldCf logs if I'm running it on Apache Tomcat?
Thanks and regards,
Shashank Raj