I've been discussing this issues: the transition from a 'document oriented'
web into a 'data and services oriented web' for a while in the semantic-web
related w3c mailing lists. In short it seems we had have to deal with
building 'applications' over *documents* for a long time and it seems it
does not need to be the the same within a data oriented web (at least for

However, applications does not build by themselves. XML and others promised
interoperability since a long time before RDF and, although I belive RDF /
SW could, there will be no interoperability (as that of RESTFul services)
until there is no agreement in 'semiotic' semantics of representations,
resources and protocols.

The document I'm attaching here is an extended version of yesterday's
abstract but it only states a few concepts regarding integration (alignment
and merge of datasources. I'm not a seasoned SW nor integration developer).


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