Its true that OData is a really good protocol, in the sense that it is more
an 'application' layer over HTTP and I've been inspired by that. This way
this proposal is also a meta-protocol over HTTP and paths are built along
the lines of URI paths like:


in the realm of some domain. Posted paths and metadata (referrer) are
submitted through request body and headers. Let me work a while for real

I think I've missed some important part for the 'application' layer (as
HTML is for the 'document' oriented web) that is the 'representation' part
of the resource. This paragraph added to the document (incomplete, confuse,
questionable due this hypermedia approach) tries to address the issue:

"Representations (requesting client metamodel resources) are built upon
aggregating and aligning protocol dialog 'path' resources into data (Fact,
Event), information (Kind, Rule) and knowledge / behavior (Class, Flow) in
the requesting node, maybe by multiple ‘posts’ / traversals of activated
contexts. Those are the same models which get 'activated' in the requested
side by means of async messages IO."

This is all but a incomplete draft of thoughts. Please be patient if bother
in reading.

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