The "Wide Column (store)" term comes from this article:

Based on that article, I'm not sure if we should also use it for MongoDB, CouchDB and Elasticsearch, but it seems like an option to introduce it and use it for both Cassandra and HBase, we may have to rethink the names of the methods on the class (or maybe interface) in that case a bit more, because Cassandra is implemented in a different manner/structure then HBase.

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I like the idea of reusing the WideColumn class also for Cassandra. Is "Wide Column" a term that you've encountered elsewhere, or did you make that up? I kinda like it, but would want to consider naming as important.

One piece of perspective too is that some databases (notably MongoDB, CouchDB, ElasticSearch) support "wide rows" in a way, meaning that any particular row may contain additional fields outside of the norm. Maybe we could introduce both WideRow and WideColumn interfaces to support that sort of behaviour?


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