Hi Russ,

You mentioned you're using NiFi 1.6. What version of NiFi Registry are you running? Is the error message consistent?

What is the sequence of steps you are using to move the flow snapshot from DEV to QA? Is it all through the NiFi UI (i.e., both environments are pointed to the same NiFi Registry instance, and you save a version from DEV and then change version in QA), or is there more to it than that?

I find it interesting that change version is failing but delete and import is working... That seems to indicate that the flow snapshot is being saved to registry correctly and completly, but there is some error in the logic of change version that is applying the changes in the wrong order.

I know this may not be super helpful, but you may be running into a bug in the Change Version logic that has alreay been fixed in the latest version of NiFi. (To others on the mailing list, does that ring any bells?) If you're not able to test this on the NiFi 1.8 and Registry 0.3, can you provide the steps to reproduce it so that I can try?

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