Hi Russ,

Thanks for the stacktrace and details. I'm going to try to recreate
the issue. To do this I will need some specifics about your flow.

I expect you can't share the flow with me (if you can that would be
great...), but would it be possible to share the diff between versions
-- i.e., the diff between the version that was in QA and the version
that you tried to update to

You can get this by going to the following URL for your NiFi Registry server:


(If Registry is secured, you will need to do this with an HTTP client
that lets you authenticate as a user with access to the specified
Bucket, using either a TLS client cert or LDAP credentials passed to
the http://<host>:<port>/nifi-registry-api/access/token/login endpoint
to obtain a JWT)

Short of that, perhaps you could describe the steps to create a flow
diff that will recreate this error.

On January 10, 2019 at 13:34:41, Russ Weiher ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote: