I was looking at nar sizes, and thought some data may be helpful. I used my
recent RC1 verification as a basis for getting file sizes, and just got the
file size for each file in the assembly named "*.nar". I don't know whether
the images I pasted in will go through, but I made some graphs.b The first
is a histogram of nar file size in buckets of 10MB. The second basically is
similar to a cumulative distribution, the x axis is the "rank" of the nar
(smallest to largest), and the y-axis is how what fraction of the all the
sizes of the nars together are that rank or lower. In other words, on the
graph, the dot at 60 and ~27 means that the smallest 60 nars contribute
only ~27% of the total. Of note, the standard and framework nars are at 83
and 84.
[image: Inline image 3]
[image: Inline image 4]

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