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(sorry for the delay, still waiting for someone from the DevOps team to pull that log file)

We are currently using Registry version 0.2.0.

In our setup we have DEV, QA, and PROD Nifi instances all pointed to the same instance of the registry.

The sequence of steps I used was:

1. Finish making changes to the Process Group in DEV.
2. Right click -> Version - > Commit local changes
3. Wait for check mark to turn green in the bread crumbs at the bottom of the screen.
4. Open QA Nifi interface
5. Navigate to the Process Group in question and open it
6. Right click -> Version - > Change Version
7. Select the new version I saved from dev

This particular change version is number 32, and I've only had one other issue when moving updates.

Getting a new instance of Nifi running 1.8.0 up and running to test with might be possible, but it's a request that has to go through infrastructure to get a VM spun up, and then devops to get the software installed, so it's unfortunately not something that I can do quickly.
Russ Weiher
Data Engineer
Progenity, Inc.
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Sorry, forgot to add -- can you include the full stack trace for the IllegalStateException as well? It should be in the nifi-app.log file.

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